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a) metal sheets: norms EN 10147 and EN 10143;
b) panel: see link “Quality Standards” for Traditional or Fingersafe;
c) surface undulation: convex areas of non-adherence between insulation and sheet. Based on general market experience, undulation / bubble up to 5% of area of any single panel and up to 0,2 m2 is not prejudicial to the functionality of the panel;
d) esthetic requirements: ECCS European Convention recommendation of Metal Construction, part. II “Good Practice”;
e) prepainting systems: see “Coatings – Colours – Finishing” for Traditional or Fingersafe.

Panels are polythene wrapped, with polystyrene blocks below the lower panel. Packs are composed by type, thickness, and length of panels. Where specific types of variable panels have to be sorted and packed and/or transported out of normal standard this to be explicitly defined and agreed at order, same being separately invoiced.

Normally on covered open top platform trucks 13,5m long. Packs of panels, 3 packs high (max.) is permitted. 

it is COMPULSORY to respect the following instructions: a) by crane or lifting beam: lift packs utilising nylon vertical slings having top spreaders and protected bottom carriers not less than 200mm wide, both spreaders and carries 4cm wider than packs. The spreaders have to be positioned between the blocks on the upper and lower parts of the pack; b) by fork lift: breadth, length and height of the forks to be suitable to weight and packs’ dimensions. The load to be correctly positioned and balanced on the forks. Engage forks under pack and avoid any shake during movements in order not to damage the lower panel’s sheet; c) Manual unloading: handle panels one at a time with two persons at least, avoid rubbing panel faces and move them in a vertical attitude on their side (joint). 

Please respect the same rules of transport. Packs have to be stored always in a closed warehouse, without humidity in order to avoid eventual oxidisation phenomenon. Keep packs on flat surface, properly supported and protected. 

Polythene wrap film, polythene related to panels’ face protection (remove a.s.a.p) should not be exposed for long periods to UV rays. Exposure can change films’ properties and cause paint detachment during adhesive film’s peeling. 

To be made with reciprocating saw, the use of disk saw is absolutely forbidden because of a high risk of incandescent particles which penetrate into coated and uncoated metal sheets, with consequent oxidisation, even through polythene film.

Our sales contract are ruled by Swiss Law, place of jurisdiction in Lugano court.

Download the loading combiantions, handling and storage.