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High quality coated steel of European origin, chemical products supplied by prestigious international groups able to guarantee the most qualified and certified polyurethane systems; gaskets and components specifically developed: these are the basic elements that assure the reliability of TECSEDO products.

Since the start-up of the activities, the Company has undertaken a research process to identify the best components to be used for the panels production, guaranteeing their continuous improvement.

For this purpose, TECSEDO has a checking and traceability system, which enables to calibrate the limits of raw materials tolerances and deviations, securing specifications and technical characteristics compliance through the years.

The same method is applied to check the manufacturing process, operated by digital control equipment, standardised to guarantee the perfect dimensional regularity of the panels during the production cycles succession.

A cutting-edge technologically advanced plant, with short setup times, combined with production know-how developed through the years, grants to TECSEDO products to reach the highest technical standards, and the best quality-price relationship.